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We Offer Kiln Firing Services

Work from home and fire your pieces with us. 

We bisque fire at Cone 04 and glaze fire at Cone 6. This temperature range is suitable for any of the clays we sell.​

Drop off your pieces to be fired at 291 Front St. Suite 216 Key West FL 33040 during open hours. Please include a slip in the box with your name and phone number so we can text you when its ready to pick up.

Note: We bisque fire and glaze fire several times each month. It can take up to three weeks for your pieces to be fired after drop off.​

If you have questions or want to pay in cash: Text Gayle at 305-393-9672 or visit our studio.

KWHS & MHS students receive 10% off classes and supplies contact for discount code.

Low income? Want to try ceramics but cant afford it? No problem. Text Gayle.


Ceramics is one of the most unpredictable mediums to work with. Greenware is fragile and can shatter with the slightest bump, clay that is not fully dry and contains air pockets can explode in the kiln. It can be extremely discouraging when something happens to a piece you worked so hard on. That being said we are not responsible for what happens to your piece during the firing process.

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