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Bug Ceramics

For Artists By Artists

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Committed to sustainable art practices and fair pay for artists.

Bug Ceramics Studio & Gallery is a space created by Gayle Antonides. Its intention is to provide a safe space for artist Gayle to create and display their work alongside artist friends. Bug Ceramics Studio & Gallery offers classes, clay, firing services, and more.

The art displayed is created by Gayle and their artist friends near and far. Art created in Key West, across the U.S. and even internationally comes together in one space to represent a world wide community forged through art.

The Bug Ceramics Way

Fair Pay

Our goal is to keep our artist commission at half the industry standard. After displaying my art in galleries for years, I couldn't stand to take that 50% fee from my friends. My goal is to keep the fee at 25% and to provide a space where art can be displayed without taking immense value away from the artist.


Did you know that ceramic is one of the most natural and sustainable materials? 
"The wonderful thing about ceramics is that, no matter how long they last, they will not hurt the environment, if made with food-grade, lead-free glazes. Buying ceramics is a way to support local artisans, much as you might support local farmers to buy the food that’s served on those plates." (Katherine Martinko) 

Never perfect, but always trying. Bug Ceramics makes a conscious effort to reduce environmental impact. Some ways we do this include limiting the number of kiln loads fired, reclaiming all clay scraps, packaging products in reused packaging, and a three bucket wash system to conserve & recycle water.


Bug Ceramics hopes to be the only place in Key West where you can obtain ceramic supplies, take classes, and purchase firing services locally. Our goal is to introduce pottery to all who take interest. Everyone is an artist, and we want nothing more than to get the materials to create in the hands of an abundantly creative community.

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