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CLASS DATE: Saturday June 22 12 pm-1pm

LOCATION: My Morning Joint, 22864 Overseas Hwy, Cudjoe Key, FL


This is a one-part hand building pottery class that teaches students hand building pottery skills including pinch pot, sculpting, and surface design techniques. Students will end the course having created an adorable and one of a kind set of espresso mugs from ceramic stoneware. During this one hour long session, students will be directed through the construction of their vessel using the pinch pot, & coil techniques. You will also have the opportunity to practice surface design using seashells, stamps, & carving tools. You will have three glaze options to choose from. After class we will take care of firing and glazing the piece for you. The finished pieces will be ready to pick up at the gallery in 2-3 weeks or they can be shipped for an additional charge.



-all supplies are included

-limited to 6 students

-$40 per person

-no experience needed


-If you need to cancel, email us to do so 48 hours prior to the class for a full refund.

Coffee & Clay Pottery Workshop ~ espresso cups

  • Class Benefits:

    Self Esteem/Empowerment: The process of working with clay provides an outlet for self-expression. The decisions made during the creative process helps to build confidence in the decisions we make in life. Discovering you are capable of creating something beautiful and functional can be an incredibly empowering realization for individuals struggling with uncovering trust in themselves.

    Grief: The unpredictable nature of clay teaches an unavoidable lesson to those who come to love its wild ways. You never know what circumstance can cause a piece to crack, or glaze to run. This class focuses on learning to love and let go. It focuses not on the outcome but on the time spent with the clay and the fun had in the creation of your piece. In learning pottery you are learning to give trust in the universe and in nature to allow it to create something beautiful.


    Spirituality: For many spirituality can be a guiding compass and for others it is sought out in everything from the leaves in the trees and the dirt under our feet. Pottery throughout history has been used for everything from worship to Whether you are looking to reflect on religious trauma or find your religion in the mud, this class will help to guide individuals into taking a step back and looking at the project their working on in a new light.


    Stress Management: Art allows many of us for just a moment to quiet our minds, and focus on a task that is relaxing and enjoyable. Often you will find that once you start a project you cant stop and much of the stress you often feel melts away. Working with clay is a kinesthetic experience. It ignited a persons awareness to the movement of their hands, and this experience releases tension in our body.

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