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Artist: Gayle Antonides


As a social worker and artist, I am fascinated by the intersection of traditional crafts and contemporary art forms. My latest series, "Framed," explores this intersection through mixed media pieces that combine ceramics, crochet, high fire wire, and various embellishments including pearls, beads, and precious gemstones.

The central theme of "Framed" is the idea of gender and the societal constructs that define it. By using a traditionally feminine craft such as crochet and juxtaposing it with the rigid, structured medium of ceramics, I seek to challenge traditional notions of femininity and highlight the complexity and diversity of gender expression.

Each piece in the series features a ceramic frame, which serves as a metaphor for the societal constraints and expectations placed upon individuals based on their gender. The center of each piece, made of varying textiles represents the fluidity and adaptability of gender identity and expression.

The incorporation of pearls, beads, and precious gemstones adds another layer of meaning to the series. These materials are often associated with beauty and femininity, but I use them to subvert these associations and highlight the power and agency of women.

Through "Framed," I aim to start a conversation about the complexities of gender and the ways in which societal expectations can limit our individuality and self-expression. By combining traditional crafts with contemporary art forms, I hope to challenge and inspire viewers to question their own assumptions about gender and identity.

"Framed" by Gayle Antonides

  • This piece is available for pick up at the gallery or shipment after November of 2023.

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