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Within my "Patchwork" series, a creation emerges—"Caged," a hand-built ceramic stoneware vase that pays homage to the traditions of female crafts. 

 "Caged" embodies the spirit of countless women who have passed down their heritage and skills through the ages. It serves as a tangible link to the profound legacy of female craftsmanship, weaving together the threads of time and culture.

High-fire stoneware clay forms the foundation of this vase, symbolizing the unyielding strength that women have exhibited throughout history. Just as clay must endure the intense heat of the kiln to become something greater, women have faced adversity and emerged as resilient pillars of their communities.

Traditional beading & wire work adorns the surface of "Caged," these materials together form a protective lattice, symbolizing how women learn with time to shield their hearts.

"Caged" invites contemplation of the rich heritage of female craftsmanship and the remarkable resilience of women. It serves as a reminder of the enduring power of women, who, like this ceramic piece, have weathered the passage of time & heat of the fire, emerging as beacons of strength and wisdom.

As you gaze upon "Caged," may you find inspiration in the stories it carries, and may you continue the legacy of the women who have gone before, nurturing your heart and guarding your spirit against life's trials.

"Caged" By Gayle Antonides

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